Update to Worship Services & Hymnal Requests

*Bulletin and live and recorded services will be available on our webpage here

*Worship Service will streamed LIVE Sunday, 8:00AM on our YouTube channel, link in menu above

*Bulletin and recorded services will be available on our Facebook page, link in menu above

*Live Services (audio only) are also available, as always, on 95.7 FM radio, or on our radio website, link in menu above

*Your offering may be mailed 3825 Wildbriar Lane, Lincoln, NE 68516

*We have offered an additional way to donate or give your offering. If you do not want to mail a check, click on the DONATE link in the menu above for PayPal and Credit/Debit card options. All offerings are recorded as normal for your tax purposes

***If you within 30 miles of Lincoln, NE, and you would like to borrow one of the church’s hymnals for the duration of our closure, I will bring one to you. It is no trouble at all!

Simply send your name and address by email or text or call:



And/or-If you need anything picked up at a store, contact me!

In Service to Christ, Vicar Golden