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Rev. Adam Moline was born and raised in the Lincoln area.  He is the son of Robert and Debra Moline.  He attended and graduated from Lincoln Lutheran High School in 2002 after which he achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in History at Concordia University Nebraska.  He then graduated with a Masters of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

He served as Pastor at the dual parish of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Hankinson, ND and St. John’s Lutheran Church of Belford, ND from 2010 to 2018 at his first call.  While there he served in a variety of District Positions, including as the District LWML counselor, Circuit Visitor, and on the District Board of Directors.  He has visited Kenya, Germany, and Israel as various parts of his ministry while serving in North Dakota.

In 2018, Pastor Moline accepted the call to serve as Pastor at Good Shepherd, and has been there ever since.  He hosts a variety of radio shows on KNNA, and is blessed to preach and teach God’s Word to God’s people.

While at Concordia University, Pastor Moline met his wife Elizabeth.  They have four children, Ella, Claire, Gabriel, and Hannah.  Pastor Moline enjoys history, fishing, hunting, building things of wood, and travelling with his family.

Rev. Thomas Goodroad began serving Good Shepherd in the summer of 2023.

Thomas was born in March of 1994, the third of four sons of Larry and Kari Goodroad. He was
Baptized the same month at Trinity Lutheran Church in Kearney, MO, by Rev. Drew Newman.
He grew up on an acreage outside of Holt, MO, and was homeschooled by his mother from
preschool through high school graduation. He attended Thomas Edison State University online
and graduated with a BA in Psychology. Throughout middle school and high school, he was
enrolled in speech and debate classes, during which he met his wife, Marlyse. They married on
June 25, 2016. They lived in Polo, MO, for three years while Thomas finished his bachelors
degree before moving to Fort Wayne, IN, to attend Concordia Theological Seminary. They
moved to Lincoln, NE, for Thomas’s vicarage at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, from August
2021 to July 2022. He received a call to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Lincoln, NE, on
April 25, 2023, to serve as associate pastor.
Thomas enjoyed growing up in the country and loves a wide variety of hobbies and activities
such as reading, writing, tinkering with electronics—such as computers and 3Dd printers—riding
motorcycles and ATVs, and creative hobbies—such as woodworking, leatherworking, and resin
casting. He and Marlyse love animals and hope to one day have a small hobby farm on which to
raise them.

Dear Members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church,

As of just last Thursday, August 31st , I first met with Pastor Moline and Pastor Goodroad to start planning on the vicarage year ahead. I am overjoyed that you all are willing to receive a vicar and glad that it can be me, even if neither you nor I was expecting it at this point.

I am starting work on September 5th and am excited to get going because it looks like there is a lot to be done. Currently I’m staying with family in Malcolm, NE, but as soon as the paperwork is processed I’ll move into an apartment.

I grew up several miles west of Malcolm, NE on a farm where my folks still live. We’ve never done any crops, just cattle, pigs, and chickens. I have one brother in Lincoln who is married and they have a baby girl together. All four of my grandparents live in and around Lincoln. My family has always been an important part of my life.

I attended public school in Malcolm, and then went to Concordia Seward where I majored in English and took pre-seminary courses like Greek and Hebrew. Both in high school and college I participated in competitive speech which is at least one small reason why I thought maybe I’d enjoy being a pastor. Notice, however, that I’m not mentioning if I was very good at competitive speech—I’ll let you decide that for yourself as you listen to my sermons—it’s just something I enjoy doing and getting better at.

I pray that the Lord will bless our work together to His glory.

Yours in Christ,
Vicar Jacob Garrison

Pastor Moline's Sermons at With Intrepid Heart Sermons

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