Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Sunday School

This year we will be sharing the lesson plans around God Provides Judges and a King, Jesus Teaches about God’s Kingdom, and Jesus Dies and Rises to Save Us. And an offering will be collected each Sunday for mission efforts, which you can find noted in the “Welcome to Good Shepherd” section of the weekly News and Notes.

God Provides Judges and a King

Join us for Christian Education/Rally Sunday where we will celebrate with a special craft, treat and socializing in the Sunday School classrooms.

Today in Sunday School, the children learn the story of  “The Twelve Spies in Canaan”. We are like the faithless Israelites, doubting and revolting against God’s ways and direction. God forgave them and He forgives us our sins of disbelief through Christ who fought sin for us on the cross. Parents could ask, “How do we sometimes doubt God? What has God promised us?”

At the Jordan River, led by Joshua, Israel leaves the desert in this week’s Sunday School lesson “Entering the Promised Land.” In Baptism, led by Christ, we leave behind the desert of sin, death, and Satan so we may enter into the promised land of heaven. Parents might ask, “What did the Israelites create to remind them of their crossing into the Promised Land? What do you have to remind you of your Baptism?”

In Sunday School this week students will study “The Fall of Jericho.” We are reminded that God is our mighty fortress who delivers us from the false walls of our sin and saves us in the true Joshua, (Jesus) that we might become and remain His people. Ask students, “What did the people of Jericho think their wall (fortress) would do for them? What does God our Fortress do for us?”

Today in Sunday School students will learn about Deborah, one of the Old Testament judges. Through Deborah, Barak, and Jael, God brought about victory for His people and freed them from cruel oppression; through Christ’s death on the cross, God brought about our victory and freed us from sin, death, and the devil. Parents could ask, “How did God use Deborah to help His people? How does God help His people today?”

Gideon’s amazing victory over the enemies of God’s people recorded in Judges 6–7 was the subject of today’s Sunday School lesson. Christ, the light of the world, overcomes the darkness of sin, death, and the devil, even as God overcame Israel’s enemy while the light streamed from the lamps of Gideon’s men. Discuss with your children, “What do you think was the most amazing part of Gideon’s victory? Why is it important that Jesus won the victory over sin and death?”

Samson is the subject of this week’s Sunday School lesson. Students will learn that Jesus repeats and completes Samson’s deeds of deliverance for us and for our salvation. When we are weak, He is strong! Consider asking, “What was the true source of Samson’s strength? Who is the source of our strength?”

Today in Sunday School students will learn how God used Ruth to accomplish His purposes for our salvation. Through her family God brought forth His Son, the Savior of all people including Jews and Gentiles, men and women. Parents could ask, “How did Ruth demonstrate her trust in God? How does God help us to trust in Him?”

Sunday School students will study the life of Samuel today. They will learn how God calls His people to repentance through preachers such as Samuel; that He might forgive us for the sake of Christ. Parents might ask, “How did God use Samuel to speak to His people? How does God use our pastor to speak His Word today?”

“Saul Becomes King” is the Sunday School lesson for today. Students will learn that though God lets us have our own way at times, His is the way of forgiving and saving, which He did for His people of old and for us today. Consider asking, “How did God care for the children of Israel even though their desires were sinful? How does God show His care for us even though we are sinful?”

Today’s Sunday School lesson involves the well-known story of “David and Goliath.” As David slew the giant Goliath, so Jesus, our David, slew the jeering giants of sin, Satan, and death with the weapon of His own death. Discuss, “How could David approach his battle with Goliath confidently? How can we face the ‘Goliaths’ in our life with confidence?”

Sunday School students will study the story of “David and Jonathan” today. Just as David’s and Jonathan’s brotherly love for each other reflected the love of God within their hearts, so, too, our love for others is the reflection of God’s love given to us through Christ. Parents could ask, “How did David and Jonathan demonstrate their love and care for each other? How does God demonstrate His love and care for us?”

Today in Sunday School we will study the account “David Becomes King.” Just as David reigned over Israel, so the God-man, Jesus, our David, reigns over the kingdom of grace, of which we are citizens. Consider asking, “How was King David different from King Saul? How does Jesus serve as our King?”

Students in Sunday School explored the story “God Forgives David.” Just as God accepted and forgave King David and other great saints who committed grave sins, so He accepts and forgives us, all for the sake of Christ. Parents could ask, “Who reminds you of your sins? Who tells you about forgiveness?”

Our Sunday School Staff

Jerika Perrin, Parish Education Chair
Jessica Theewen, Sunday School Superintendent
Tina Kirk-Schellenbach, Preschool (Rm 06)
Shirley Green & Kristin Wegner, Kindergarten – 2nd Grade (Rm 107)
Jerika Perrin & Megan Lichtenfeld, 3rd & 4th Grade (Rm 22)
Lori Krilloff, Aaron Wagner, Adam Hiles, & Marilyn Meyer, 5th – 7th Grade (Rm 106)

The Youth Group, grades 8th – 12th, meet in the Youth Room on the 3rd Floor.  The Youth are led by our Pastoral staff and/ or our Vicar and do not follow the Sunday School lesson plans.