Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Sunday School

This year we will be sharing the lesson plans around God Protects His People in Egypt and the Exodus, God Sends His Son to Save Us, and Jesus Shows He Is True God. And an offering will be collected each Sunday for mission efforts, which you can find noted in the “Welcome to Good Shepherd” section of the weekly News and Notes.

Jesus Shows He Is True God

Join our Sunday School in making a Christian gift that reflects how the children love, honor, and cherish their mothers.

Today in Sunday School, the children learn the story of “Jesus Changes Water into Wine” at the wedding in Cana. Through His first miracle, Jesus revealed Himself to be true God. God uses His Word and physical means—water, bread, and wine—to reveal to us that Jesus is our Savior. Discuss the story with your children: “How we are like the disciples, not sure just who Jesus is? How do we sometimes doubt Him and His Word?”

Students in Sunday School today explore the story “Jesus Clears the Temple.” Jesus’ cleansing of the temple carries a twofold message for the Jews and for us: first, that the true Lord of the temple was here in the flesh, and second and more important, that Jesus is the true temple, who houses and perfects us, raising our bodies to be like His. Parents could ask, “Why did Jesus clear the temple? How is Jesus our temple?”

Today in Sunday School, we learn about Jesus teaching the Pharisee Nicodemus under the cover of night. Since the fall into sin, all are born spiritually blind, sinful, and unclean. We are like Nicodemus and cannot see our sin or understand who Jesus truly is for us. As children of God, born of water and the Spirit, we can see our sinfulness and the salvation that is ours in Jesus Christ. Discuss with your children, “How did Baptism change you? What does Baptism do?”

Today’s Sunday School lesson is the account of Jesus and the Samaritan woman. In this lesson, we learn that Jesus gives the Spirit, who cleanses us from sin and unrighteousness in the living water of Holy Baptism. Talk with your children about how sin causes us to have guilt and shame before God. Emphasize that through the water and Word of Holy Baptism all guilt and shame are removed. Discuss, “Jesus comes for all people, no matter what race or color they are. Ordinary water leaves us thirsting for more, but the living water of Jesus, which flows from His Word and the font of Baptism, quenches our spiritual thirst forever.”

Join our Sunday School in making a Christian gift that reflects how the children love, honor, and cherish their fathers.

“Jesus Is Rejected at Nazareth” is the Sunday School lesson today. In Nazareth, throughout His ministry, and even today, Jesus is rejected by people who do not have faith in Him. God’s Word clearly shows that Jesus is God’s Son, and in faith, we believe. With your family, discuss, “How does sin blind our eyes to the Savior and cause us to suffer from sin’s effects with sickness, trouble, and even physical death?”

Today in Sunday School, the lesson is, “Jesus Calls Disciples.” Jesus preached, taught, and healed, and He called His first disciples to do the same. The children learn that Jesus chose ordinary, sinful men to follow Him and be His disciples. In Baptism, Jesus chooses us to be His children. Underscore that in Jesus’ forgiveness we find peace and favor with God, whose Word testifies repeatedly and consistently that Jesus is His Son and our Savior. Ask your children, “Through whom does Jesus continue His saving work where His Word is preached and His Sacraments are administered today?”

Today in Sunday School, the lesson is “Jesus Heals Many.” Through many miracles, Jesus shows us His power over sin. Ask your children to tell you, “Who did Jesus heal? What were some of the sicknesses the people had?” Talk about sin—yours, theirs, and the world’s—and how Satan holds the world in bondage, causing sickness and death. Assure them that Jesus is the Holy One of God, who defeats Satan and frees us from his hold, granting us eternal life in paradise. Emphasize that Jesus has power over sin and sickness, saving the lost by His death and resurrection.

“Jesus Heals a Man Who Is Paralyzed” is also the lesson for Sunday School today. The miracle of healing the paralytic confirms that Jesus, the Son of Man, has authority on earth to forgive sins, and it confirms what the Son of Man chiefly came to do: deliver us and all believers from sin, death, and the power of the devil. Consider discussing, “In addition to healing the paralyzed man, what else does Jesus tell him? How has Jesus healed us from our sickness of sin?”

In Sunday School today, students learn the story “Jesus Calls Matthew.” We sinners rejoice, for we, too, have been called from our own pigsty of sin to dine with Jesus around His table and to be a friend of the friend of sinners. Consider discussing, “How did Jesus call Matthew to be one of His followers? How and why does Jesus call us to follow Him?”

Today the Sunday School students study the account “Jesus Calms a Storm.” Just as Jesus calmed the storm with His Word for the frightened disciples, so He calms and ends the storm of sin and death by taking our sin upon Himself and dying in our place so we may live eternally. Consider discussing, “What did Jesus do to calm the storm? How does Jesus calm the storms in our life?”

The story “Jesus Heals Jairus’s Daughter” serves as the focus of Sunday School today. Just as Jesus by word and touch raised the dead girl to life, so by His Word and Sacraments, He kills and buries death and raises us to eternal life. Questions for discussion include, “How did Jesus heal this little girl? How does Jesus heal us from the sickness of sin?”

Today in Sunday School, we study the account “Jesus Walks on Water.” Jesus was gracious to Peter when he feared drowning. Jesus is gracious to us and is ready to catch us as we sink in sin and unbelief; His hand is always strong to save us. Consider asking, “How did Jesus rescue Peter? How does Jesus rescue us?”

Today in Sunday School, children learn about Jesus healing a blind man (John 9). Jesus came into this world to forgive us and grant us faith—spiritual sight. He gives sight to our souls by forgiving our sins. In your family faith discussions talk about how sin blinds us in our life of faith. Consider asking, “What ways does sin do that? How do the Word and Sacraments give us ‘eyes of faith’ so that we can believe?”

Our Sunday School Staff

Jerika Perrin, Parish Education Chair
Jessica Theewen, Sunday School Superintendent
Tina Kirk-Schellenbach & Jo Kirk, Preschool & Kindergarten (Rm 06)
Shirley Green & Kristin Wegner, 1st & 2nd Grade (Rm 107)
Jerrika Perrin & Megan Lichtenfeld, 3rd & 4th Grade (Rm 22)
Lori Krilloff, Aaron Wagner, Adam Hiles, Jess Theewen, & Marilyn Meyer, 5th – 7th Grade (Rm 106)

The Youth Group, grades 8th – 12th, meet in the Youth Room on the 3rd Floor.  The Youth are led by our Pastoral staff and/ or our Vicar and do not follow the Sunday School lesson plans.