Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Sunday School

This year we will be sharing the lesson plans around God Protects His People in Egypt and the Exodus, God Sends His Son to Save Us, and Jesus Shows He Is True God. And an offering will be collected each Sunday for mission efforts, which you can find noted in the “Welcome to Good Shepherd” section of the weekly News and Notes.

God Sends His Son to Save Us

Today’s Sunday School lesson is “The Birth of John Foretold.” The children learned that God in His mercy promised to send John to prepare sinful people for the coming of the Lord. God in His Word calls us to repentance, declaring us righteous because of His Son, Jesus. In your family discussions ask, “When have you doubted God’s Word? How does God forgive and relieve our doubts?”

In Sunday School today, the children will hear the message “The Birth of Jesus Foretold.” God favored Mary, choosing her to be the mother of Jesus. God favors us because of Jesus Christ, choosing us to be His children! Ask your children, “How did God show Mary, and us, His unmerited grace and favor?”

Today in Sunday School, the children learned the account “Mary Visits Elizabeth.” In the presence of the Son of God growing within Mary’s womb, John the Baptist leapt inside Elizabeth’s womb. God fills us with Himself in Word and Sacrament and we, like Mary, offer our praise and worship. Consider asking, “How or when does God fill us with His presence today?”

Today in Sunday School children studied “The Birth of John.” Zechariah spoke God’s Word announcing that this baby, John, would give people knowledge of salvation in the forgiveness of sins. God speaks through His holy Word to give us knowledge of salvation and forgiveness through Jesus, His Son. In your family discuss, “How does Jesus remind us of the work He has done for us?”

Today in Sunday School we studied “An Angel Visits Joseph.” Just as the angel proclaimed to Joseph that Mary would bear an infant who is the Son of God, the Savior, so God proclaimed to us in His Word that this same Jesus is our Savior from sin and death. Parents could ask, “What important message did the angel give Joseph? What important message do we hear in God’s Word?”

“The Birth of Jesus” as recorded in Luke 2 is today’s Sunday School lesson. A Savior has been born to you. He is Christ the Lord! As a family discuss the details of Christ’s birth. Ask, “How does our sin cause us to fear God like the shepherds did? Focus on the fact that God’s Son, Jesus, takes away our fears and offers us true peace, rescuing us from sin and death.

Today in Sunday School, the lesson is “The “Presentation of Jesus” in the temple. Already in His infancy, Jesus was fulfilling the Law for us and for our salvation. Ask your children, “What happened and who was in the temple waiting to see the promised Savior? What does this text tell us about who we find in God’s house?

Oh no!  Church was cancelled today due to a Blizzard!  Praise be to God everyone is okay!

“The Visit of the Wise Men,” as told in Matthew 2, is the Bible story in Sunday School today. This Bible story teaches us that the Savior came into the world for the salvation of all people. Just as the Wise Men came to Bethlehem to see the Savior and honor Him, so we come to church to see the Savior in His Word and Sacraments. With these gifts, He both honors and blesses us. Consider discussing, “How are we sometimes like Herod? How are we like the Wise Men?”


In Sunday School today, the lesson was “The Boy Jesus in the Temple.” As a boy, Jesus was found in His Father’s house. In God’s house I hear His Word, see that Jesus is my Savior, and receive His gifts of forgiveness and salvation. Because of sin, we are like Jesus’ parents and do not understand what Gods says to us. We don’t recognize who Jesus truly is—our Savior. Ask your children, “How does the Holy Spirit help identify who Jesus is?”

Today in Sunday School, we learn more about “John Prepares the Way.” As John pointed to Jesus as the Lamb of God, so our pastors point us to this same Jesus, who grants us forgiveness, life, and salvation. Ask your children, “What did you learn about John, what he ate, and how he dressed?”

“The Baptism of Jesus” is the Bible story taught in Sunday School today. God sent the Holy Spirit at Jesus’ Baptism, announcing that Jesus was God’s Son. At our Baptism, God makes us His children through the work of the Holy Spirit. Let your children tell you the dramatic events of this story.

Today in Sunday School the children will study “The Temptation of Jesus.” Like us, Jesus was tempted by Satan to sin. Yet, for us, He overcame all temptation because we cannot. In your family discussions consider asking, “How are we tempted to rely on ourselves and trust in our powers?”

We will be having a Palm Sunday processional next week.  This week, we will talk about what Palm Sunday is and practice the Palm Sunday processional so the children understand what is expected of them.

There is no Sunday School for Easter Sunday, so this week we will be learning about the Easter story of Jesus’ death and resurrection!  He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!  Alleluia!  Amen!

No Sunday School!  He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!  Alleluia!  Amen!

Our Sunday School Staff

Jerika Perrin, Parish Education Chair
Jessica Theewen, Sunday School Superintendent
Tina Kirk-Schellenbach & Jo Kirk, Preschool & Kindergarten (Rm 06)
Shirley Green & Kristin Wegner, 1st & 2nd Grade (Rm 107)
Jerrika Perrin & Megan Lichtenfeld, 3rd & 4th Grade (Rm 22)
Lori Krilloff, Aaron Wagner, Adam Hiles, Jess Theewen, & Marilyn Meyer, 5th – 7th Grade (Rm 106)

The Youth Group, grades 8th – 12th, meet in the Youth Room on the 3rd Floor.  The Youth are led by our Pastoral staff and/ or our Vicar and do not follow the Sunday School lesson plans.