Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Sunday School

This year we will be sharing the lesson plans around God Provides Judges and a King, Jesus Teaches about God’s Kingdom, and Jesus Dies and Rises to Save Us. And an offering will be collected each Sunday for mission efforts, which you can find noted in the “Welcome to Good Shepherd” section of the weekly News and Notes.

Jesus Teaches about God's Kingdom

“Jesus Preaches on the Mount” is today’s Sunday School lesson. Jesus explains in His Word that He was poor, hungry, sorrowful, hated, and rejected for our sake so that God would grant us His gifts and blessings. Discuss with your children, “How does our sin blind us? What does Jesus offers us through faith in Him?”

In today’s Sunday School lesson, “Jesus Teaches Us to Trust,” we hear another portion of Jesus Sermon on the Mount. The theme? Do not worry! Talk with your children about how God has provided for them. List the blessings God gives your family in this life. Then talk about the eternal and spiritual blessings that God gives through His Son, Jesus. Ask your children, “What do you worry about? How has God answered that worry?”

In today’s Sunday School lesson, “Jesus Is Anointed,” the children learned how in faith, a sinful woman lovingly anointed Jesus. They also learned how in faith we grasp God’s free mercy, receive the forgiveness of sins, and respond with acts of love and praise. As a family, consider ways that you might respond to God’s mercy. Ask your children, “What sins will God forgive?”

Today, the Sunday School classes learned about “Jesus Feeds Five Thousand.” They learned that in His love, God promises to care for all our physical and spiritual needs and gives us the greatest treasure—His Son and the gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation. As a family discuss, “In what ways has God provided for both your physical and spiritual needs?”

Today’s Sunday School, lesson is “The Transfiguration” of our Lord. At the transfiguration, Jesus’ glory was unveiled before the disciples. Today, His glory is unveiled for us in the Word preached by the pastor, in the water of Baptism, and in the bread and wine of His Holy Supper. In heaven, we shall see Him in all His glory! Discuss with your children, “How are we like the disciples who trembled at the sound of God’s voice?”

Today’s Sunday School lesson “Jesus Sends the Seventy-two” tells about Jesus sending His followers to go and tell others about Himself. God places us in various callings, giving us opportunities to serve Him and share our faith with others. As a family discuss, “What various callings (vocations) do each of us have? Who in your life needs to hear about the Savior?

The Sunday School lesson this week is “The Good Samaritan.” Students will learn that Jesus is our neighbor, the one who showed mercy to us, and calls us to be neighbors to all who are in need. As a family you could discuss, “Who could we consider our neighbor? How could we share God’s love with our neighbor?”

“The Good Shepherd” is our Sunday School lesson today. The children learned how we are all like sheep who have gone astray, in need of Jesus, our Shepherd, who rescues, gathers, and cares for us through His Word and Sacraments. As family consider discussing, “In what ways has Jesus rescued you? Where can we find our Shepherd?”

In today’s Sunday School lesson “Jesus Teaches Us to Pray.” The children learned that our heavenly Father invites us to pray and promises to hear our prayer for the sake of His Son, Jesus. Ask your children, “What things have you prayed for? How has God answered your prayers?”

Today’s Sunday School lesson is “Jesus Raises Lazarus.” In resurrecting Lazarus, Jesus demonstrated that He can indeed raise all who believe in Him for salvation. True life is eternal life with Jesus. Consider asking, “Where do we see and experience the effects of sin in our lives? What does Jesus promise to all who believe in Him as Savior?”

In our sin, we are lost from God and doomed to die, but God, in His love, sought and found us and keeps us with Him forever. Today’s Bible story is, “Jesus Seeks the Lost” as recorded by St. Luke (Luke 15). Talk about, “How does God the Holy Spirit work through the the Word and the Sacraments?”

In Sunday School today, the children learned, “Jesus Heals Ten Lepers.” Jesus forgives and heals us from the sickness of sin and death. Discuss, “What does it mean to be healed of our sin-sickness? How do we thank God for His grace?”

This week in Sunday School we will learn about Palm Sunday and Jesus’ victorious entry into Jerusalem. As a family, talk about, “How did the people welcome Jesus to Jerusalem? How can we praise and honor God today?”

Students in Sunday School will learn about the Passion of Christ as Jesus ventured to the cross for you and me, the Empty Tomb, and the Resurrection of Jesus. Discuss with your children, “Why was it necessary for Jesus to die? What benefit do we gain from the death and resurrection of Jesus?” “How did Jesus’ followers react when they discovered the empty tomb? How can we share the message of the resurrection?” and “Why is the bodily resurrection of Jesus important? How is each Sunday a celebration of Easter?”

The Sunday School lesson for this week focuses on the story of “Jesus and the Little Children.” In our sin, we are like small children: helpless, dependent, and needy. So Jesus came to bestow His love and eternal gifts upon us. Parents could discuss, “How did Jesus show His compassion on these little children? How does Jesus shower His compassion on us?”

Our Sunday School Staff

Jerika Perrin, Parish Education Chair
Jessica Theewen, Sunday School Superintendent
Jerika Perrin, Anne Duchek & Matt Duchek, Preschool (Rm 06)
Shirley Green & Kristin Wegner, Kindergarten – 2nd Grade (Rm 107)
Megan Lichtenfeld & Joanna Sherrill, 3rd & 4th Grade (Rm 22)
Lori Krilloff, Aaron Wagner, Adam Hiles, & Marilyn Meyer, 5th – 7th Grade (Rm 106)

The Youth Group, grades 8th – 12th, meet in the Youth Room on the 3rd Floor.  The Youth are led by our Pastoral staff and/ or our Vicar and do not follow the Sunday School lesson plans.