Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool

Welcome to Preschool!

Your child is considered very important and special in our eyes. Good Shepherd Preschool will nurture every aspect of a child’s development and will reach out to the whole family and community with a Christ-centered program.
Parents play a most important role in a young child’s life. As you laugh, cry, and share each day, your child learns many important lessons. Good Shepherd Preschool is your support as you continue to be your child’s primary teacher.
Play is the major learning experience a child encounters. Through our carefully planned activities of play, we will help him/her have fun with crayons, paint & other medias, by cutting, pounding, molding clay, listening and singing, taking apart and putting things together, field trips, and of course by expressing him/her self in an appropriate way.
Working together is very important. Open communication serves as the most important adhesive for effective teamwork. Both parents and teacher must portray a positive attitude toward one another, listen to the child as she/he retells his experiences, appreciate the child’s current level of development and challenge her/him to move forward in a natural developmental progress.

Curriculum Overview

Each activity centers on at least one of six areas for the growth of your child.
The SPIRITUAL GROWTH of your child is very important to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and our preschool. Our goal is to nurture your child’s faith by daily Bible stories, examples of forgiveness, Christian care and love, and church behavior that they may know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.
The AESTHETIC GROWTH of your child will increase as we explore the world God has given us, appreciate and explore our artistic, dramatic, and musical abilities, and understand our culture.
Pastor Poppe sings "Jesus Loves Me" with the Preschoolers
The PHYSICAL GROWTH of your child will be enhanced by providing recreation that uses large motor skills and aerobic exercise, and teaching good hygiene and a safe and wholesome attitude and lifestyle.
The EMOTIONAL GROWTH of your child will develop as he/she shares experiences with the class, begins dealing with stress in a positive way, accepts others and him/her self in different situations.
The INTELLECTUAL GROWTH of your child is maturing constantly. Through preschool, we pray that we will provide experiences that teach your child to discover, explore, learn, and invent. And though each child is at a different level, we will do activities cooperatively and independently.
The SOCIAL GROWTH of your preschooler will also mature rapidly. Your child will mature as the class listens while others are speaking, resolve conflicts, respect each others rights and feelings, share and practice the most basic Christian goal: Love God above all…and love your neighbor as yourself.

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