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Our School Mission Statement

Good Shepherd Lutheran School exists to: nurture and strengthen the Christian faith, plant and reinforce Christian attitudes and values in both students and families through the teaching of God’s Word, promote academic achievement and self-discipline, develop talents and encourage Christian witness, and good citizenship and service to others.

A Classical Lutheran education is focused on teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.  All subjects are taught with a Christian worldview.

A Christ-Centered Education

Christian education is the foundation of the curriculum we teach.  The subjects we teach encourage our students to learn of the wonders of God’s creation, witness His plans for mankind, rejoice in His gifts of music and art, and learn about His love and plan for salvation.

Each school day begins with a chapel service, held in Good Shepherd Lutheran Church’s sanctuary, and with prayer.  We encourage family and friends to worship with us.

Phonics prepares students for reading.  The English language is based on the recognition of letters and the pronunciation of sounds.  Learning to read phonetically enables children to understand the grammatical aspects of the English language.

Half of all English words have a Latin origin.  The study of Latin enables children to develop and understand a wider range of vocabulary in the English language.  We begin teaching Latin in 3rd grade.

Music education can unlock a child’s ability to think, reason and learn.  Studies have shown that children who learn music at a young age become more proficient in other subjects as well.  We provide a music experience which includes performing, listening, and learning about important musical works.

Our School Philosophy

We believe that

  • Jesus Christ is the one and only way to salvation, by grace through faith;


  • a child is a spiritual being as well as a physical and social being;


  • the Bible gives us direction and purpose in our every act of living;


  • God is always a part of our everyday lives, and is the ruler of that life;


  • the Bible has a primary place in our curriculum;


  • all subjects are taught in the light of God’s inspired, inerrant and infallible Word;


  • students are challenged to joyfully use their God-given abilities as they strive for excellence in academics, citizenship, and character.

We emphasize Christian truth and behavior in everything we do in the school, because it is our purpose to bring the children to Christ, build them up in Christ, and send them out for Christ.


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