Much of our communication will now happen via a message board.  For a link and more information about what is happening in our classroom, click on the “Current Families” page.

We believe that


  • Jesus Christ is the one and only way to salvation, by grace through faith;


  • a child is a spiritual being as well as a physical and social being;


  • the Bible gives us direction and purpose in our every act of living;


  • God is always a part of our everyday lives, and is the ruler of that life;


  • the Bible has a primary place in our curriculum;


  • all subjects are taught in the light of God’s inspired, inerrant and infallible Word;


  • students are challenged to joyfully use their God-given abilities as they strive for excellence in academics, citizenship, and character.

We emphasize Christian truth and behavior in everything we do in the school, because it is our purpose to bring the children to Christ, build them up in Christ, and send them out for Christ.